Daughter's Diary: Part One, Scene #01 with Charlotte Cross, Tommy Gunn - 147391

Actors: Charlotte Cross - Tommy Gunn

Categories: Oil - Brunette - Tattoo - Blowjob - Hardcore - Fingering - Natural Tits - Massage - Ass - HD Porn - Cum on Pussy - Stepdad - Family Roleplay

Source: trickyspa

Description: Tommy is such a snoop! He walks into his step-daughter's room sniffing her clothes because he's suspicious of her lately, she's been making eyes, and he's noticed her touching her lips, and her perky teen breasts while watching him do normal, unoffensive things in the yard... anywhere SO, he's here to see if he can find any evidence to support his idea that she's got it bad for her stepdad. Turns out she has a fantasy that a muscular guy creeps into her room at night and touches her all over, touches her nipples and her boobs and makes her cum like never before. Lets see how much Tommy can get away with.

Published on 2015-12-16