Takes Three To Tango: Part Two, Scene #01 with Hannah Hartman, Nikki Daniels, India Summer - 141041

Actors: Hannah Hartman - Nikki Daniels - India Summer

Categories: Brunette - Piercings - Girl on Girl - Threesome - Masturbation - Natural Tits - Small Tits - Fingering - College - MILF & Mature - 69 - Older / Younger - Pussy Licking - Stepmom - Family Roleplay - Step Sister

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Description: India reaches out to her step sister Nikki Daniels seeking help in teaching her step daughter Hannah Hartman about her sexuality and show her how things work. Nikki is totally down with the idea, waiting anxiously for Hannah to come home. Hanna walks in, flustered that India told her mom about what they discussed the other day, but assures her that aunt Nikki is very experienced and is here to teach her all she needs to know about sex.

India leads her daughter into her office where they can all sit and discuss about their previous sexual experience, but Nikki is more of a hands on kinda person, and it's decided that Hanna is to do everything that her aunt Nikki asks of her, no questions about it. With Hanna's fascination in lesbian porn, it is time for India and Nikki to show her exactly what lesbian fornication entails.

India and Nikki remove their clothes, India sucking on her sisters perky boobs and admiring her bubble butt. Nikki's pussy is already drenched wet, spreading her legs on the table for India to indulge, Hanna fascinated with sexual excitement. It's Hanna's time to get involved, as she leans into suck her aunts nipple. India pushes her fingers deep

Published on 2015-11-14