Trekkie Love, Scene #01 with Rachel Ravaged, Will Powers - 142821

Actors: Rachel Ravaged - Will Powers

Categories: Girl/Boy - Punk Porn - Emo Girl - Tattoo/Piercing - Ass - Brunette - Natural Breasts - Role Play - Deep Throat - Rough Sex - Cosplay

Source: burningangel

Description: Will Powers was ready to go to the comic book convention with Rachel Ravaged, his girlfriend - but she looked so sexy cosplaying as a gender-bending Spock that he became fully erect when she called him her captain and couldn't help it but help himself to her Vulcan geek pussy. That sweet round ass and out-of-this-world natural titties are registering nominal, and all systems are go - prepare for warp speed straight into her intergalactic porn. The convention could wait until 'Captain Kirk' made her cum and blew his load faster than the speed of light onto her beautiful face.

Published on 2016-03-10