Sister Sitting: Part One, Scene #01 with Carter Cruise, Piper Perri - 143054

Actors: Carter Cruise - Piper Perri

Categories: Blonde - Piercings - Girl on Girl - Masturbation - Natural Tits - Small Tits - Fingering - Teen - College - Pussy Licking - Petite - Facesitting - Family Roleplay - Tribbing - Step Sister

Source: webyoung

Description: After a crazy night of wild lesbian sex, Carter Cruise is ready to have lunch with her bestie, until her mother calls and orders Carter to go home and babysit her step sister Piper Perri. Carter refuses to obey! Piper is eighteen, and can take care of herself. She doesn't need to we watched over. Carter gives in frustrated, unaware of the surprise that's in store for her when she arrives home!

Walking up the steps, Carter calls out to Piper but with no answer, Carter realizes that Piper is home but her bedroom door is closed. She hears moaning coming from the other side and thinks her little sister is masturbating. Carter cannot believe she cancelled her lunch plans for a chronic masturbator, but uses this opportunity to really bond with her new sister...Carter carefully enters Pipers room, watching her sister on the bed. Piper's hands are down her panties that she is using them to play with herself. Carter knows deep inside that Piper is a lesbian, seducing her with a tender kiss.

The sisters kiss each-other passionately, Piper not one bit insecure in exposing her tiny boobs to her step-sister. Carter licks Piper's erect nipples, swallowing her supple boobs in her m

Published on 2016-01-15