BTS Episode 77, Scene #01 with Joanna Angel, Small Hands - 143061

Actors: Joanna Angel - Small Hands

Categories: Behind The Scene - Pin Up - Cosplay

Source: burningangel

Description: We were in the midst of shooting our holiday themed porno - The Nightmare Before XXXmas, I was covered again head to toe in blue makeup because I played the roll of Sally, Small Hands was covered in Jack Skellington makeup, and my crew had a jolly old time putting our Christmas parody set together. Lindsay Hearts tailored our bad-ass costumes for the porno, she always does a great job! We had so much fun recording the song featured in the movie and the music video portion. Plus you get to see my butthole get airbrushed in today's behind the scenes clip. Boner bonus!

Published on 2016-02-23