Pussy Eatin' Man, Scene #01 with Draven Star, Jon Jon - 143095

Actors: Draven Star - Jon Jon

Categories: Girl/Boy - Punk Porn - Big Tits - Goth Girl - Fishnets - Interracial - Tattoo/Piercing - Ink Queens - Dark Hair - Fake Tits - Stockings - Pale - Deep Throat

Source: burningangel

Description: Poor Draven Star is having trouble in paradise when her man wouldn't go down on her because he thinks vaginas are gross, even after putting out like a champ for him! She wished there was someone that was everything her boyfriend wasn't - someone who would take care of her needs to get off! She dozed off and began to dream - Pussy-Eating Man was going to take the horny little devil and slay her sweet twat and make out with her cunt! Jon Jon with his big black cock was Draven's clit-loving, chocolate fantasy hero!

Published on 2016-02-11