Ex-Mom Movement: Part One, Scene #01 with Allie Haze, Mercedes Carrera - 143419

Actors: Allie Haze - Mercedes Carrera

Categories: Brunette - Big Tits - Girl on Girl - Masturbation - Small Tits - Fingering - MILF & Mature - Tattoos - Pussy Licking - Petite - Hairy - Latina - Family Roleplay

Source: mommysgirl

Description: At her wits end, Mercedes Carrera paces back and forth, suffering from the pain and humiliation from two crippled marriages. All because she couldn't control her lesbian sexuality, Mercedes is now alone, unable to cope with her shattered life. But this isn't all her fault. Promising to be a good wife and learn her lessons from her first ruined marriage, she puts her foot down, swears she will never have lesbian sex again and remain a loyal wife. Unfortunately, her past catches up to her, her new stepdaughters finding out how she had sex with her first husband's daughter was devastating, and now they are now manipulating the vulnerable woman to their advantage, leaving Mercedes yet again, a lesbian disaster. Mercedes friend Kendra calls, imploring she goes to conversion therapy and meet with specialist Allie Haze. Mercedes a brain cell away from boarding the cuckoo train, agrees to meet this Allie Haze but with little hope anyone can help her...

Mercedes sits down with Allie in her office and starts talking about her lesbian experiences with her stepdaughters. Despite Mercedes feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, Allie convinces her this will help in her therapy. Mer

Published on 2016-01-16