Breast Massage, Scene #01 with August Ames, Darcie Dolce - 147041

Actors: August Ames - Darcie Dolce

Categories: Oil - Pussy Licking - Big Tits - FaceSitting - Brunette - Ass Rubbing - Tattoo - Tribbing - Body Massage - Foot Massage - Lesbians - Natural Tits - Massage - Ass Massage - Bubble Butt - College - Cunilingus - Foot Fetish - HD Porn - Shaved

Source: allgirlmassage

Description: Today Darcie Dolce takes her chances and inquires about a full body massage with August Ames. Darcie is a runner and despite being in amazing shape her feet, legs and breasts need some good old fashioned TLC. August watches Darcie strip off her clothes, eyeing her tight figure and voluptuous boobs. August starts her massage mending her client's back, her fingers gently sliding up and down her entire backside. August makes it quite obvious she is completely infatuated with Darcie's plump ass and legs. August doesn't hold back her sexual fetish for her clients feet as she opens her mouth and licks her big toe explaining it is her 'special massage.' The massage continues and things heat up with August exploring how far she can take her lesbian desires for Darcie's boobs and pussy in her grasp, clenching onto her breast and taking the chance by gently kissing her natural boobs. Darcie isn't falling for August's perverted tactics but no matter what she says, August will not lose the battle for a taste of that sweet, shaved pussy. But with one lick, Darcie moans in pleasure, her pussy juices stimulated by August's fingers inside her tight hole. Darcie cannot deny her lesbian side as they

Published on 2016-04-04