BTS Episode 82, Scene #01 with Amelia Dire, Joanna Angel, Rachel Ravaged, Draven Star, Lolly Ink, Small Hands - 147129

Actors: Amelia Dire - Joanna Angel - Rachel Ravaged - Draven Star - Lolly Ink - Small Hands

Categories: Big Tits - Goth Girl - Punk Girl - Behind The Scene - Tattoo/Piercing - Ink Queens - Blonde

Source: burningangel

Description: You know we like to get messy around here, so when Lolly Ink and Small Hands were filming Moms of Anarchy, Amelia Dire stepped in to help be our super-professional fake blood squirter girl. This is very high quality special effects! It takes skill to get the proper spray pattern for having been stabbed with a fork, a tip of my hat to you. Draven went all goth Cinderella on us and helped clean up afterwards, and then we had a chat with Rachel Ravaged between her debut scene, and her most recent release: Trekkie Love. She makes a hot gender bent Spock!

Published on 2016-04-05