The Nightmare Before XXXmas, Scene #01 with Joanna Angel, Small Hands - 147287

Actors: Joanna Angel - Small Hands

Categories: Girl/Boy - Joanna Angel - Big Tits - Emo Girl - Ink Queens - Masturbating - Natural Breasts - Role Play - Cosplay

Source: burningangel

Description: 'What's this? Oh shit! Erections in the air.
My dick, my dick! White exploding everywhere.
What's this? What's this?
I won't get it in your eye its thick and creamy suck on this, I'll pull your hair.

Come suck my dick underneath the night sky.
We'll suck and we'll fuck under the holiday moonlight.

Your breasts - they're real! I like the way they feel.
Oh look, a bush! I'll eat it like a fuckin' meal.
Your dress my dear its ripping at the seams, I think I know just what that means you want my dick and all my SEMEN..

You like it, you want it. You wanna hop up on itSo what happens next?

Hop into my arms let have hot rag doll and skeleton sex!'

Published on 2015-12-19