She Male Sex Kittens #03, Scene #02 with Kevin D, Brenda E - 147367

Actors: Kevin D - Brenda E

Categories: Hardcore - Anal - Facial - Blowjob - Brunette - Condom - Shemale & Tranny - Ass - Cumshot - Small Tits - Male Fucks Shemale

Source: whiteghetto

Description: Brenda has a secret and Kevin is about to have the surprise of his life... As their affair starts to heat up Kevin is going to see his new found friend has more to offer than her beautiful face and body.. She also has a hard cock and balls... Most men would probably freak out but it only makes Kevin's dick harder as he love's fucking and sucking Brenda. Whats that old saying Don't judge a book by it's cover?...

Published on 2015-12-02