Strap Some Boyz #05, Scene #01 with Savana Styles, Robert Axel - 147429

Actors: Savana Styles - Robert Axel

Categories: Interracial - Hardcore - Big Tits - Deepthroat - Titty Fuck - Foot - Strap-On - Blowjob - College - Cum swallow - Blonde - Tattoo & Piercing - Ass - Cumshot - Black - Cunilingus - Rimming - Straight Porn - HD Porn - Fetish - Pegging - Femdom

Source: evilangel

Description: Busty, Amazonian blonde Savana Styles has tattoos, puffy lips (both facial and labial) and a stunning butt. Wearing little more than a black strap-on cock, she teases muscular, submissive Robert Axel. Savana sucks his boner and they compare equipment: His is big; hers is huge! She orders him onto his knees to blow her and bends him, ass-up, in preparation for a deep butt fuck. The limber slut can suck his dick as she porks his asshole. Her hard, round cheeks pump as she plugs him doggie-style. Savana strokes Robert's meat with two feet and bares her big clit for him to lick. He fucks her shaved twat to orgasm and sucks her strap-on ass-to-mouth.

Published on 2015-12-19