Cheating With Black Cock - Kendra Cole, Scene #01 with Kendra Cole, Isiah Maxwell - 147642

Actors: Kendra Cole - Isiah Maxwell

Categories: Girl/Boy - Fishnets - Emo Girl - Interracial - Tattoo/Piercing - Ass - Brunette - High Heel Shoes - Natural Breasts - Cheating - Deep Throat

Source: burningangel

Description: Kendra Cole patiently awaited the arrival of her boyfriend while wearing naughty lingerie only to find he was going to be hours later. Then - a knock on the door! Sexually frustrated Kendra angrily answered to find a handsome Jehovah's Witness preaching the good word. Isiah wanted to show her his huge bible passages so that she could be saved - and he'd be her savior in more ways than one! She needed his big black cock, or she would never reach the promised land! Some cheaters go to heaven after all - riding a dick all the way there.

Published on 2016-04-14