Cheating With Black Cock - Taurus, Scene #01 with Taurus, Moe The Monster Johnson - 147761

Actors: Taurus - Moe The Monster Johnson

Categories: Anal - Cheating - Deep Throat - Doggy Style - Dyed Hair - Girl/Boy - Interracial - Knee Socks - Natural Breasts - Punk Girl - Punk Porn - Tattoo/Piercing

Source: burningangel

Description: Taurus's fiance stresses the importance of 'futbol' to her - every damn week it's a different sport, and she doesn't get laid until she learns! He even hired her a professional trainer - who happens to be Moe 'The Monster' Johnson.. who has a monster black cock! He didn't like how mean he was to his fiance, so he took her inside and treated her right for once. Fuck soccer balls - dribbling a cock and balls on the new couch to pleasure her neglected pussy and asshole is something at which Taurus excels AND enjoys. Cheating? More like winning!

Published on 2016-04-28