Ole For Anal - Part 1, Scene #01 with Joanna Angel, Small Hands - 147835

Actors: Joanna Angel - Small Hands

Categories: Anal - Deep Throat - Girl/Boy - Ink Queens - Joanna Angel - POV - Tattoo/Piercing

Source: burningangel

Description: We booked a trip to Mexico and decided to document the whole vacation. Small Hands whipped out the the camera and was trying to rush me out the door - I was almost done packing, waiting for laundry (and hate being bored in the airport) - so I offered up an idea to kill time while we waited. How about a little suck and fuck on my man's cock? I think a little pre-vacation anal pounding and gaping would start things off right! I wanted to go to the airport still covered in hot sticky jizz. I wonder if that would hold us up in security...

Published on 2016-05-05