Dykes Takin' Dick - Amelia Dire, Scene #01 with Joanna Angel, Amelia Dire, Jessy Jones - 147887

Actors: Joanna Angel - Amelia Dire - Jessy Jones

Categories: Anal - Ass - Boots - Dark Hair - Dyed Hair - First Time - Fishnets - Girl/Boy - Ink Queens - Lesbian - Natural Breasts - Punk Girl - Submissive - Tattoo/Piercing

Source: burningangel

Description: I could tell something was bothering my beautiful girlfriend Amelia on the eve of our lesbian wedding - and I discovered that she never tried fucking a man before. She was so sweet to put up with my weird family, even ignoring cousin Jessy and his highly active sleepwalking.. how could I say no to that face? I just wanted her to be happy, so I decided she should bone my cousin. One last hurrah for my fianc

Published on 2016-05-12