Bad School Girls: Part Two, Scene #01 with Blake Eden, Shauna Skye - 148025

Actors: Blake Eden - Shauna Skye

Categories: 69 - Blonde - Facesitting - Fingering - Girl on Girl - Hairy - Masturbation - Natural Tits - Petite - Pussy Licking - Small Tits - Tattoos - Teen

Source: webyoung

Description: Previously on WebYoung, naughty schoolgirls Blake Eden and Shauna Skye decided to cut class and head over to Shauna's house where they enjoyed some lesbian time away from school. Shauna didn't think it was such a great idea but Blake convinced her and then some. Blake persuades the lesbian virgin to have sex with her and when it finished, Blake took naked pictures of Shauna with the intention to make it go viral...

After the naked pictures of Shauna went viral online, she takes comfort in her journal to write about all the hatred she feels for Blake. Shes wondering why she would ever do such a thing to her best friend. No matter how much animosity she has for Blake she still can't stop thinking about how sexually attracted she is to her, lesbian or not. Shauna finds the courage to call Blake so they can have a one on one talk and have this fiasco put to rest.

Shauna has Blake sit on the couch and confesses all her feelings and how Shauna, regardless of how Blake humiliated her, can't hold back the strong emotions that are built up inside of her. She explains wanting to reenact their lesbian experience. Blake can't deny her lesbian attraction toward her schoolgirl crus

Published on 2016-05-27