Lessons In Black Cock, Scene #01 with Leigh Raven, Jon Jon - 148220

Actors: Leigh Raven - Jon Jon

Categories: Girl/Boy - Punk Girl - Interracial - Tattoo/Piercing - Ink Queens - Natural Breasts - Dyed Hair

Source: burningangel

Description: Millennials. They're such entitled spoiled brats, and little miss Leigh Raven represents that remark! Piano teacher Jon Jon patiently waited as she was 20 minutes late to her 30 minute lesson. She liked guitar but her mom made her take stupid piano lessons. When asked if there was anything she WAS interested in, she said tattoos, and sex. Sex is like playing the piano, it's like a beautiful dance, he replied. But the only dance she knows is.. ridiculous. Maybe this student could use some lessons after all, and dance with Jon Jon's big black cock!

Published on 2016-06-18