The Nosy Neighbor: Part Two, Scene #01 with Tiffany Watson, Briana Banks - 148338

Actors: Tiffany Watson - Briana Banks

Categories: Blonde - Piercings - Big Tits - Girl on Girl - Natural Tits - Small Tits - Fingering - MILF & Mature - 69 - Tattoos - Pussy Licking - Petite - Stepmom - Family Roleplay - Tribbing - Ass

Source: mommysgirl

Description: Last time on Mommy's Girl, Brianna Banks spied on Melissa and Ms. Sky fornicating wildly in like feral family members, but Briana got caught up in the pheromones and joined them, getting her pussy licked and her tits sucked until she experienced her first lesbian orgasm, even though god was in the room! While glowing from the dirty deed, Melissa and Ms. Sky begged Briana Banks to lure her sweet and innocent teen step-daughter Tiffany to join them next time.

Briana returns home still tipsy from the lesbian climax, and immediately goes to talk to Tiffany Watson, hoping to see where she can take advantage of the sweet teen, citing her excuse in the face of god, that she's already done it today, so he'll OK with it. Tiffany isn't sure, and her reluctance perspires from her goosebumps. Briana looks at her daughter with lust, and before long Tiffany is convinced that she must honor her mother's promise of fun. Briana kisses her daughter tenderly, telling her she's a good girl, as she pulls down their tops to serve one another a feast of their tits. Tiffany lies back getting an expert lesson from her Mommy in pussy eating, before she's asked to show mommy what she's learned, return

Published on 2016-07-02