Very Adult Wednesday Addams - Lady Luna, Scene #01 with Lady Luna, Gage Sin - 148811

Actors: Lady Luna - Gage Sin

Categories: Girl/Boy - Big Tits - Goth Girl - Squirting - Emo Girl - Tattoo/Piercing - Natural Breasts - Dyed Hair

Source: burningangel

Description: Silver-haired sweetheart Lady Luna acts out the latest (very adult) Wednesday Addams tale! One day, she was digging up some skulls she buried for a ritual, that happened to be on someone else's property, and that someone was Gage Sin. He thought she was the most oddly attractive trespasser he'd ever met! Despite that, she was going to have to stop digging. It was decided if she can't find her skulls, they should at least spend the time having sex with each other, because what else would she play with?! Digging for skulls turned into skull fucking and pussy pounding that ended in a jizz sacrifice!

Published on 2016-08-23