Training My Masseuse, Scene #01 with Kalina Ryu, Kylie Page - 149977

Actors: Kalina Ryu - Kylie Page

Categories: Pussy Licking - Big Tits - Close Up - FaceSitting - Blonde - Asian - Tribbing - 69 - Lesbians - Fingering - Natural Tits - Massage - Cunilingus - HD Porn - Member Fantasy - Shaved

Source: allgirlmassage

Description: When Kalina Ryu requests a deep pressure shiatsu massage, all she gets is a blank stare from her new masseuse Kylie Page. The masseuse apologizes for her inexperience. She only knows how to give a regular massage. But her work proves to be appalling, and Kalina interrupts to let her know that jabbing her elbow into her spine really hurts! Kalina offers to sacrifice her massage to give the busty blonde some pointers. As the girls swap spots on the massage table and Kylie disrobes, Kalina explains that she's been working as a trained masseuse for seven years, and even massaged Mia Malkova once in Korea. Kylie lets her client rub her body until she thinks she gets the idea. She offers to try the technique on Kalina, and copies the gentle strokes over her arms and back, while Kalina sits upright on the massage bed, providing full frontal access to her naked pussy. She pulls Kylie's hand down between her outstretched legs, and tells her she wants to show her something reserved for special clients. Kylie lies down to learn the technique. But when Kalina puts her mouth on Kylie's pussy, the teen masseuse gets nervous that someone will hear her moan. Kylie doesn't want to lose her job, but

Published on 2017-01-09