After Hours Massage, Scene #01 with Carmen Caliente, Penny Pax - 151076

Actors: Carmen Caliente - Penny Pax

Categories: Oil - Kissing - Pussy Licking - Big Tits - FaceSitting - Brunette - Tribbing - Body Massage - 69 - Lesbians - Natural Tits - Body Sliding - Ass Massage - HD Porn - Redhead

Source: allgirlmassage

Description: Masseuse Carmen Caliente asks her co-worker Penny Pax to demonstrate her famous deep tissue technique. It's after hours at the spa and Penny already has plans, but Carmen insists it will only take a few minutes. Since the spa closed early today, maybe they can use those extra minutes.

The good-natured redhead agrees to help her out. Carmen insists on being naked for the tutorial. She wants the real massage experience. Once she's comfortably lying down on her tummy, Penny starts off the deep tissue massage. When she gets to her well-developed glutes, Penny praises Carmen's big round booty. Carmen credits her squatting exercises.

She turns onto her back and butterflies her legs open. Penny politely suggests straightening them would be better for her alignment, but Carmen wants to stretch her pelvic muscles that might be tight from all that squatting. Penny goes over the proper way to massage deep tissue, using the elbow or the forearm with the full weight of the body to add pressure. Carmen thinks she gets the hang of it and wants to try it out on Penny.

Penny gets naked, once Carmen reminds her how much havoc that oil can wreak on their clothing.

Published on 2017-06-05