Gym Teacher, Scene #01 with Edyn Blair, Jill Kassidy - 151120

Actors: Edyn Blair - Jill Kassidy

Categories: Oil - Kissing - Pussy Licking - Big Tits - FaceSitting - Blonde - Brunette - Tattoo - Tribbing - 69 - Lesbians - Fingering - Natural Tits - Massage - HD Porn - Shaved

Source: allgirlmassage

Description: When Jill Kassidy shows up for her afternoon massage appointment, the masseuse happens to be her former high school gym teacher Edyn Blair. The two beauties are happy to see each other and reconnect. Jill is enjoying college. Blair became a masseuse a year ago. When Jill acts shy getting undressed, Edyn calls her out for being a party girl in high school. Jill swears she's calmed down since then.

Edyn starts to massage her former student paying special attention to her glutes. She compliments her beautiful body and can't help but steal a lick between her toes. Jill flinches but lets her prop her legs apart for better access to her abductor muscle, even when Edyn accidentally keeps side swiping her pussy.

Edyn asks Jill to turn over and then she rubs her breasts. She parts her legs and oils her pelvis, massaging the often-neglected muscles surrounding her vaginal opening. When the buxom redhead starts tonguing her vulva and sucking her clit, Jill defers to her teacher's authority and lets her have her way.

Edyn takes off her clothes and continues to lick Jill's pussy while prodding it with a finger. After she brings Jill to orgasm, the girls entwine

Published on 2017-06-12